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        Liaocheng constant to realize production and sales of metal materials co., LTDSeamless steel pipe,Small diameter seamless pipe,Large diameter thick wall seamless tube,Q345BSeamless steel pipe,40CrSeamless steel pipe,Alloy tube,Non-standard sales calls, etc:13563008369Companies with advanced production technology、Excellent product quality、Wide product group moment、The high quality service to win praise from domestic and foreign steel pipe industry co., LTD. Is a set production and processing in one large thick wall seamless steel tube enterprises ,Perennial sales chengdu iron and steel group、Metallurgical steel group、Baotou steel plant、Baosteel group、Anshan iron and steel group、Tianjin big seamless、Xining special steel factory、Wuxi steel mills、Hengyang steel mills such as the major steel production of all kinds of seamless steel tube and alloy pipe。
          Has now formed a perennial inventory turnover8500Tons,800More than kinds of specifications。Carry out annual sales amount over one hundred million yuan。The products are sold all implement the national standards,Applicable to engineering、Coal mine、Textiles、Electric power、The boiler、Machinery、Military industry and other fields。Companies with good reputation、The high quality product、Solid strength、Low price is famous in the country30Many provinces、The city、Autonomous region、Municipalities directly under the central government,The product is deep users rely on。The company has opened the door delivery service,And have a car、Will pick up the masses of customers came to negotiate business。
        The main products:Small diameter seamless pipe diameter8mm-42mmWall thickness1mm---12mm;
                  Large-diameter seamless pipe diameter194mm------480mmWall thickness8mm-------70mm
        The production specifications:A wire diameter57mm----102mmWall thickness5mm-25mm
                  The second line diameter114mm---168mmWall thickness6mm-35mmPrecision seamless steel tube
        Carry out international:GB/T8162-2008(The structure of tube)、GB/T8163-2008(Fluid tube)、GB3087-2008(Low medium pressure boiler tube)、GB5310-2000(High pressure boiler tube)、 GB6479-2000(Fertilizer special tube)、GB9948-2006(Petroleum cracking tube)And so on
     The companyISO9001:2001The international quality management system certification。Product is made of:20#、35#、45#、20G、20A、40Mn2、45Mn2、27SiMn、40MnB、20MnVB、20Cr、30Cr、35Cr、40Cr、45Cr、50Cr、 38CrSi、12CrMo 、20CrMo、35CrMo、42CrMo、12CrMoV、12Cr1MoV、38CrMoAL、50CrV、20CrMnSi、30CrMnSi、35CrMnSi、 20CrMnTi、30CrMnTi、12CrNi2、 12CrNi3、12Cr2Ni4、40CrNiMoA、45CrNiMoVA、20G、20MnG、25MnG、12CrMoG、15CrMoG、12Cr2MoG、12Cr1MoVG、12Cr2MoWVTiB、 12Cr3MoVSiTiB
      Now my company has a large number of alloy pipe、High pressure pipe on the spot,Will with preferential price,Engaged in the way of zero,Provide quick and high quality service for you,Welcome new and old customers came to negotiate、The electricity discussion。
    Note:1、Large supply of various special wall thickness for you,Seamless tube material,Precision cold drawn pipe and various kinds of thermal expansion。
       2、Our purpose is:Allows you to save money、Save trouble、Worry。 
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