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ITOutsourcingITOutsourcing services

ITService outsourcing refers to:Enterprise information construction and maintenance outsourcing to professionalITService company to do it。Is rapidly implement enterprise informationization,Improve the information quality and work efficiency,An effective method for cost saving。 Small and medium-sized enterprisesITDepartment shorthanded,Lack of professionalism,ITOutsourcing can effectively solve the problem。

Chengdu network cabling

ITNetwork cabling infrastructure business includes company、Video monitoring、Room construction projects such as system integration services,We as a professional system integration of the contractor,Number of world famous products manufacturers and maintained good relations of cooperation,Settle the problems as regards the signing of the system for customers to provide comprehensive services。

Cloud terminal
ITOutsourcingITProduct procurement act as purchasing agency

Provide cloud terminal equipment、Computer assembly and accessories、Network equipment、Office and consumables 、ITDigital products purchasing。Passing by10Years of development,Source jie is very particular about demand analysis,Tend to be more attention to meet the needs in the purchasing process and performance of the overall solution,

ITOutsourcingA new dynamic
How to choose gooditOutsourcing companyDynamic

The sourceITOutsourcing services for enterprises ITDepartment to become the center for a profit center

Will beITDepartment of the same“Cost center”For“A profit center”Can be calculated,In fact, in addition to being able to produce direct and indirect economic benefits,The additional value and even higherITServices leverage。The following we will through the throttle、Open source、And additional valueITService lever four aspects to calculate the account together.....

ITService outsourcing maturity identification of five kinds of ways

ITConstruction and operation of outsourcing has become enterprisesITAn integral part of the environment,But manyITServe customers still on their results still lose heart...