Company profile

Company profile

Menghai rice merchant co., LTD[2] Was founded1988Belongs to the joint venture,Company type belongs to a limited liability company(All Taiwanese joint venture with foreign investors),The registered capital1100Million Hong Kong dollars。Company is located in the guangzhou luogang YunBu industrial zone YunBu all the way29Number,Is China's earliest engaged in security products research and development、Manufacture of one of the manufacturers。Company business scope is production now、Processing closed-circuit television monitoring alarm system products and sales of the product。In the company2000Laura post purchase was built in guangzhou25000Square meters of research and development production base,The introduction of advanced production line and testing equipment,And passedISO9001[3] Quality management system certification。

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Contacts:Manager zhang

A mobile phone:138 8798 1717

The phone:138-87981717


Address: Menghai county of yunnan province meng town

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